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Welcome to the Coudehard - Montormel museographic complex!

The museographic complex of Coudehard – Montormel is one of a kind located in the heart of the Falaise pocket. Here, in August of 1944, Alliance forces administered a powerful blow to the once powerful German war machine.

The museographic complex is composed of an outside monument - exposure and a guided tour within memorial.

  • The monument was set up for the 20th birthday of the battle, in 1965. Its sober architecture commemorates the sacrifice of the Polish soldiers fallen " for our freedom and yours", and invites visitors to reflect on the direction of tragic events which occurred here years ago.
  • The museum was built in 1994, at the time of the 50th anniversary of the battle. It is built into the hill, so that it appears as an integral part of the landscape. This is an exact location which was occupied by Polish tanks in the afternoon of August 19th, 1944
  • Special events are organised on a yearly basis for general public and offer among others guided tours on the battlefield, concerts, war movie projections etc...
  • The battlefield can be discovered through the "Août 1944" tour, to reach most important places of the pocket and pay tribute to the allied forces which have fought there.

The complex of Coudehard - Montormel is an unforgettable testimonial to the efforts of the combined four allied nations in order to overcome a common enemy. It constitutes an unforgettable introduction to the terrible days of the battle of Normandy. Visiting and exploring this historical location is without a doubt, a rare learning experience.

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