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The objective of this website is to direct your attention to a variety of interesting facts, and provide better exposure of the Memorial and the battle itself. Below is a guideline to what one can expect:

  • Welcome – provides information on schedules, fees, access and directions to the Memorial.
  • The visit – here one will find a short description of the Memorial, information regarding visitations and the surrounding area. We hope that reading this section will evoke your desire to learn more about this historical event. You are invited to explore this site in detail.
  • The battle – the battle of the Falaise pocket has not received well-deserved attention in the media in spite obvious public interest in the subject. It is important that the public be made aware of many important facts pertaining to the end of the Normandy campaign, especially its effect on the unfolding war events in the weeks following the battle. This section presents the combat and describes the military units that carried out the combat.
  • eMontormel – as you continue your visit to this site, this page suggests interesting movies and downloads on the subject. This will be the final chapter of your visit.

Please be advised that several pages of this site remain under construction. We continue our effort to bring a final completed site within the next few months. (Please accept our apology for yet to be perfected translation from French to English.) Your ideas, comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Please feel free to submit them to my e-mail address: .

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