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Corporal Franciszek Kosibor, 10th PSK

Added: 2011-04-22

2nd Lieutenant Henryk Gałązka, Podhale rifle battalion

Added: 2011-04-20

In May 2010, George Galązka, the son of a polish veteran from the 1st Polish armoured division came to visit Normandy. Naturally, his steps led him to the Memorial of Montormel. We are glad to publish today a short account of the life and deeds of his father, as George wrote for us.

Lieutenant Z. Mieczkowski, 2nd armoured regiment

Added: 2011-01-06

Starting the New Year 2011, we propose you a short biography of Lt. Z. Mieczkowski, 2nd AReg, 1st Pol AD.

Visit of historians from Fort Worth, Texas

Added: 2010-07-12

On June 10th, the memorial of Coudehard - Montormel hosted two American historians: Tyler Alberts and Trace Chinworth.

Visit of the son of a Polish soldier, Mr John Halucha

Added: 2010-10-21

His father was enlisted in the 10th armoured brigade, in the supply & transportation company. Through this bicycle trip, John pays tribute to those who arrived from far away to liberate Normandy in August 1944.

Visit of British veterans

Added: 2010-06-06

The Memorial of Coudehard - Montormel received about 15 veterans from the 6th Airborne division "Pegasus".

Légion d'honneur awarded to Mr Edouard Podyma

Added: 2010-06-02

Monday, May 17, Mr Edouard Podyma, a veteran of the First Polish Armoured Division, received from the prefect of Calvados Mr Christian Leyrit the “Legion d’Honneur” medal.

Visit of a Polish veteran's daughter

Added: 2010-05-10

On May 6th, 2010, Elizabeth Todd visited the Memorial of Montormel – Coudehard to deposit the military memorabilia that belonged to her father Ladyslaw Elertowicz.

The Tiger of Vimoutiers

Added: 2010-05-06

A short history of the Tiger tank displayed at the entrance of Vimoutiers.

Loss of Polish President Lech Kaczynski

Added: 2010-04-13

The Memorial of Montormel - Coudehard wishes to express its condolences and deep sorrow to the Polish nation, saddened by the tragic death of its President, on Saturday April 10, 2010.

Cultural season 2010

Added: 2010-02-16

Discover the new 2010 Cultural program proposed by the Memorial of Montormel.

Historical knowledge… and artistic talent!

Added: 2010-02-08

Discovering the "other" side of Fabienne, guide at the Memorial of Coudehard - Montormel.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010!

Added: 2009-12-22

All team from Memorial of Montormel is happy to wish you a Merry Christmas 2009 and a Happy New Year 2010.

New link added to

Added: 2009-11-19

A new link has been added to the e-Montormel > Links page to This page provides a series of pictures from the Falaise - Chambois gap, as well as from other battlefields from World War 2.

Memory Day at the cheese farm Durand

Added: 2009-08-18

On the occasion of 65th anniversary of the liberation of Camembert, discover the Memory Day organized by the cheese farm Durand!

Exhibition of militaria in Saint Lambert sur Dives

Added: 2009-08-18

The Association "Save our church organizes an exhibition of military equipment, models and relics of the battle in St. Lambert sur Dives.

Death of Mr Nicolas Fank

Added: 2009-07-29

Please be informed of the dath of our friend M. Nicolas Fank, who died in the night of 19th to 20th July.

The team of the Memorial enlarges

Added: 2009-07-06

To face a summer which forecast a rise in visitor's attendance, the memorial recruits a new guide, Frédéric Normand.

Discovery of the remains of a German soldier

Added: 2009-04-30

The remains of an unidentified German soldier were found in April close to the parking lot of the Memorial of Montormel.

Annual program 2009

Added: 2009-03-25

The annual program of the "rendez-vous du mémorial de Montormel" has been updated for 2009. Discover it online!

Death of Mr Witold Deimel

Added: 2009-01-30

President of the veteran association of the Polish 1st armoured division, Witold Deimel died in London on January 3rd, 2009. We pay tribute to his efforts to perpetuate the memory and the struggle of the division of Gen. Maczek.

Video: Poland in Second World War

Added: 2008-04-03

To see more about involvement of Poland and its armed forces in Second World War, Rendez-Vous on YouTube.

With the Spaniards of 2e DB: the story of "Nueve" Coy

Added: 2009-01-30

A new article has been added to the "Highlight" section: The "Nueve" Company. Discover the story of those men, many of whom served first in the French Foreign Legion, then for part of them formed the “Nueve” company (9th company, 2nd Free French armoured division).

Updated Link part: Haras du Pin

Added: 2008-03-20

Discover in the vicinity of Mémorial of Montormel the "Haras du Pin", a wonder of french architecture dedicated to horses.

Why it happened in Lower Normandy?

Added: 2008-02-01

Discover the advantages foreseen by Allied High Command for choosing lower Normandy as landing spot.

Reopening of Memorial of Montormel

Added: 2008-01-15

After a break for annual winter holiday, the Memorial of Montormel reopens on Wednesday, January 16th, 2008, for a new season.

"Paths of Freedom" new link added!

Added: 2008-01-04

We added on the "link" page a reference to the website of Mr Jean Goujon, a famous poet and singer, whose texts are largely inspired by the battle of Normandy.

Veteran battlefield tour

Added: 2007-08-24

Saturday August 18th, an exit on the battle field of the Falaise pocket was organized on the initiative of veterans of the battle of Normandy. Here is its report as well as some pictures.

63rd anniversary of the battle

Added: 2007-08-20

Remembrance ceremonies scheduled August 25/26th, 2007 in Montormel and Grainville-Langannerie.

Visit on the battlefield - Trun

Added: 2007-06-07

According to the annual program, a visit on the battlefield will occur saturday June 9th, 2007.

Exhibition - the equipment of the 1st polish division

Added: 2007-06-02

Organised by the "Association Nationale du Souvenir et des Anciens Combattants de la 1ère DB polonaise", this exhibition allows to discover some unique piece of equipment.

Download part has been completed

Added: 2007-05-05

Discover ou maps and pictures situated in the "eMontormel" chapter.

Website of the Memorial of Montormel is online!

Added: 2007-03-18

Welcome! Bienvenue! Witamy!

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